As a professional facultative reinsurance underwriting manager, Burt and Scheld presently performs the following services on behalf of its clients:

Producing Business

This includes designing the advertising and making the production calls necessary to generate business.

Underwriting Business

This includes the technical review of each submission by highly trained underwriters, the negotiation of terms and conditions and the issuance of appropriate facultative certificates to various reinsureds.

Accounting For Business Produced

This accounting includes collecting accounts receivable, processing cash receipts, generating required computer reports and performing the necessary accounting for retrocessional programs where applicable. In addition, the accounting staff of Burt and Scheld prepares the quarterly and annual financial statements required by regulatory authorities and the appropriate tax returns for those companies who do not have their own internal accounting staff.

Claims Handling

This work includes the evaluation and disposition of all legitimate claims presented to a client represented by Burt and Scheld, including field audits and litigation management of losses in suit as necessary.